Kidd Funkadelic – “Maggot Brain”

Kidd Funkadelic (a.k.a. Michael Hampton) playing the legendary “Maggot Brain” at the House of Blues live! This song was immortalized by George Clinton’s Parliament-Funkadelic band with guitarist Eddie Hazel’s extended lead solo being the main focal point of the song. It is the lead track off the album Maggot Brain, which was released by Funkadelic in 1971. It is said that the song’s title is a reference to George Clinton’s finding his brother’s dead and decomposing body, with its skull cracked, in an apartment in Chicago. It is also said that Maggot Brain is a nickname of Eddie Hazel. We’ll let you decide! At any rate, the young Michael Hampton replaced Eddie Hazel as lead guitarist in Funkadelic after Hazel left the band. This is his own interpretation of “Maggot Brain,” the original written by Clinton and Hazel.

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